Please note that your sailing luggage must be packed in a bag or bag as suitcases are bulky to store on the yacht and are virtually impossible to sail with us on board. Summer clothes are light, and for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn – warm. Regardless of the season, however, it’s a good idea to always bring a windproof and/or waterproof jacket, as well as similar long pants. Consider both a sun hat and a wind hat. Because the sea reflects the sun’s rays, it is sometimes impossible to be outside without dark glasses. Walking shoes on the yacht should be flat-soled and non-slip if possible, good to protect your toes too, there’s always something to kick around on deck. Sunscreens and lotions, insect repellants and lip balm are also recommended to be in your luggage. Naturally, those of you who suffer from, or suspect that you may suffer from, seasickness would do well to take some appropriate medication. A detailed list of the most urgent items will be sent to you before each sailing.