Seasickness is a conflict of sensory perceptions – the brain receives numerous signals from the receptors of the vestibular apparatus, from the visual organs, from the muscles, the skin, the abdominal cavity, with the help of which the brain controls behavior, keeps the body in balance and coordinates movements. When we find ourselves in unusual conditions, such as those of a rocking yacht, our brain does not always “know”, it does not always have a “program” how to react. As a result of these confused perceptions, we can feel sick as in poisoning – dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Whether you are aware that you have such a problem or discover it only on board the yacht, it is nothing to worry about. There are many natural and medicinal remedies to combat this condition that you can provide before you board a yacht. But the most important thing is the setting or if you have decided that you are going to get sick then you will 100% get through it. After all, the body quickly adapts to the new environment and the discomfort does not last long.