The Gulf of Corinth is a deep inlet of the Ionian Sea, separating the Peloponnese from western mainland Greece. It is bounded in the east by the Isthmus of Corinth which includes the shipping-designed Corinth Channel and in the west by the strait of Rio which widens into the shorter Gulf of Patras and of which the narrowest point is crossed by the Rio–Antirio bridge. The bridge is one of the world’s longest cable bridges and longest of the fully suspended type. Join us for a different kind of adventure in these places off the beaten tracks. Below are all the highlights along this amazing route:

Paleros, a picturesque small town, with Venetian buildings which look around in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Kalamos Island is probably the least known inhabited Greek island. Mostly wild, stone houses and a fabulous sea, the place where people live in full contact with nature.

Astakos, just like Paleros and Kalamos, the time has completely stopped here. But the pubs are always open, and the fishing boats supply them with fresh catch every day.

Messolonghi is surrounded by beautiful beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes. Apart from its natural beauty, Messolonghi is the city of great historical importance at the time of the Greek Revolution in 1826.

Patras is a city with a rich and varied history spanning several millennia. Throughout its history, the city has been influenced by different civilizations – Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Franks and Ottomans. This heritage has contributed to the city’s unique cultural and architectural character.

Nafpaktos (former Lepanto) has a unique medieval charm that always manages to impress its visitors. Its small Venetian port, calm beaches and green landscapes make it a desirable tourist destination.

Trizonia is a small island located in the Gulf of Corinth, just 400 m from the southwest coast of the Phocis region. One suddenly finds himself here surrounded by almond trees, prickly pears, eucalyptus, holly, plum and olive trees, pines and cedars. Trizonia really cares about this connection with nature.

Galaxidi is a city with a sense of chic, tradition and maritime history. Brave sailors sailed the Mediterranean to seek refuge in the small town’s two natural harbors, and the naval and folklore museums bear witness to its history.